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– No links to websites with less than 5 in Domain Authority (check with Moz)

– No links to spammy websites or sites that are not directly related to SEO or Online Marketing.

– Articles should be original, unique and not published anywhere else on the web. Must check plagiarism of your guest post before it’s submission..

– Minimum article length ~600 words

– Required One feature Image . Image Size Should be : 600X350Px
– Articles should be original, unique and not published anywhere else on the web.
– Articles should not be intended for link building purposes.
– Topical Relevance: Topics cannot be promotional or advertorial in nature.
– Images & Logos: Images, screenshots & logos are permitted and should be relevant to the main story.

Submit a Recipe

Here are the rules for submitting your recipe to Fitr365.

We want your recipes on our website but we only want the best, highest quality, and healthiest recipes. To ensure that your recipe meets our stands, here are the guidelines to help get your recipe on our website.

  • Must be a healthy recipe (Keto, Vegan, Paleo, or wholesome Recipes)
  • You must own the recipes
  • You must have ownership of the images.
  • You must have a description of the recipes. Minimum length of 300 words. Check this recipe before submission.

How soon will your article or recipe be posted?

This will depend on how many posts we already have in the queue to be published. Generally, it should be published as fast as within a week of approval.

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