I am so excited to launch my new Sweet N Fit blog, as this is a huge milestone of how far I have come in both my fitness career and personal life. If you don’t know me yet, you will discover that I am an open, real person who is passionate about fitness, nutrition and mental well being.

As you will read in my story, I was an athlete who became severely ill with an eating disorder at the age of 19. After my treatment and my college years, I started competing in Bodybuilding/Fitness shows. From these experiences, along with my education, I know the incredible things you can do to your body and what you are capable of. Through all of this, I also am a firm believer that having a healthy, balanced lifestyle is very important for achieving and staying on track of your fitness goals.

Sweet N Fit will provide fitness and health content to help improve your quality of life. Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle, not a fad. I want to make this an enjoyable lifestyle for you through nutrition and training tips, recipes, workouts, science studies and motivation. Among the tools that I provide, support and encouragement will be huge as your create the best version of yourself. In this blog, I encourage you to share your stories, questions, recipes and comments. You never know who you are inspiring, and I love to interact with my readers!

Whether you are new to fitness or already living the fit-life, I look forward to being part of your journey! Here’s to being strong, confident and healthy!



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