Ever noticed that you are back to square once you don’t exercise for a while? Everyone would rather sleep in than workout early in the morning. Likewise, If working out was easy, everybody would have a super fit body. The motivation needed for you to start and continue is different. You could be motivated enough to start working out; the problem is how do you stay motivated to continue working out. 

Sometimes a little push is needed to get you up and active. How do you defy all odds and still make it work? You must learn to incorporate exercise into your daily activities and make a habit out of it. There are simple tricks that could help you stay motivated and focused enough to achieve your goals. 

Why should you be Consistent With Your Fitness program?

Consistency doesn’t mean training six times a week non-stop. It involves training exactly when you should be training. If the plan is to train three to four times a week, consistency for you means you have to go three to four times a week come rain or shine. The following reasons are why you should maintain consistency.

Changes are easily reversible: You could easily gain back the fat and lose muscle. Moreover, breaking the cycle could affect your long term plans. If you are interested in the benefits of exercise and not just to look good temporary, you should strive for consistency. 

Intensity without consistency is zero: Are you the type that hits the gym once a week and spends more than 2 hours lifting and grunting? Going hard without consistency is a waste of time. Without consistency, they are back at the resting stage, and you do this over and over until you settle for a sedentary life. Let your intensity complement consistency.

Making Exercise a Habit

To achieve consistency and see the desired result, you have to make working out a habit. Just like going to work or reading a book, it would be something you have to do.  To create a habit, you would have to work out for an average of 21 -25 days. These steps would help you remember to do them every day until it becomes a habit.

Set reminders: Remember, the plan is to get you to work out for an average of 21-25 days, so you have to be thorough.

Don’t think; do it: If you want to do this, don’t think!.Avoid procrastination at all cost.

Don’t skip a day: The idea of not skipping a day is to get you into the habit. However, you do not have to do hardcore training every day. Some days, you could do something light.

Take little steps: Have you ever heard of baby steps add up? A slow and steady start is better than rushing things and crashing. You could wait for two weeks before you add more weight or try a complicated routine. 

Spice up things: If you work out indoors, consider moving outside for a more scenery look. Also, you could make it fun by enjoying some music while you are at it. The main goal is to look for ways to spice the workouts.

Get a workout buddy: A workout buddy could help you go farther, especially when you see how much the person is doing. Also, it would be harder to cancel plans when there is someone else involved. 

Make a challenge: When you can accomplish your challenge, it excites you and motivates you. For example, you could challenge yourself to run more miles or lift more weight to see what would happen. 

Have rest days: Rest days would help you recover from the training days. Do not take rest for granted especially if your training involved compound movements and heavyweights. However, if your workout includes light exercises for thirty minutes a day, you could go for as long as six days without a rest day. 

Maintain Consistency: Something is better than nothing.

You should not give in to the stress and stop. Exercising is a lifestyle, not a one-time thing. Therefore, workout at home if you have to and Fitr 365 is the best online program you could stream. We offer classes tailored to your needs. Also, we consider your busy schedule and your goals are our goals.

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