If you are a fit chick, you will understand these daily struggles…

-Peeing like a racehorse. When we’re downing a gallon or more of water, people start to question our frequent bathroom breaks.

-Speaking of bathroom breaks, sitting on a toilet after leg day. Oh my gosh. The pain of trying to sit on a toilet after training legs makes us actually think about peeing outside standing up. And I’m talking about a legit leg workout.. Not the leg circuits you see on Instagram that fitness models claim builds your booty.

-Removing a sports bra is a whole process. Sweaty? You just made it way more complicated.

-Even though sports bras are complicated, chances are we’re wearing a sports bra at any given time. We wear them so often that when we do need a regular bra, we don’t even know how they work and it’s uncomfortable.

-Working out with our phone. If we stuff it in our sports bra, it will get sweaty (and I’m not trying to get charged for water damage). If we put it in our waist band, it falls out or down our pants. I know companies have come out with workout clothes with pockets, but if the affordable companies could do the same, it would be much appreciated.

-Constantly having to choose between workouts and dates. And the gym will always win because…priorities. No I am not going to skip the gym today, tomorrow, or the next day to hang out with you. If you can’t understand that, then a relationship will never work between us.

-Social life includes sweatpants, food and movies… alone… in our bed.

-If you are lucky to have a fit chick as your girlfriend, you’ll never have to worry about where she is. If she’s not at the gym, she’s eating. If she’s not eating, she’s sleeping. If she’s not sleeping, she’s dead.

-We check out other girls at the gym… for gains. We respect and admire other female’s bodies just as much as the guys do.

-We just roll our eyes when we hear other girls say, “I just don’t don’t want to get too bulky.” Girl, don’t make me drop a whole science lesson on you about why that will not happen.

-FEED ME! And don’t judge me for my insane appetite and eating habits. I’ll eat with my hands and lick the plate. If anything, you should respect how much we eat because it means we’re working hard in the gym and putting on that muscle. Here’s some gym science for those who don’t know…Muscle takes up a lot of energy and needs to be fed. So the more muscle you have, the more you need to eat. Yay! And yes we are down for pizza, burgers and ice cream every now and then, but we also want to fuel our body right for our workouts and health.

-Also, I can eat a full jar of peanut butter in a sitting. Don’t challenge me.

-Clothes do not fit! This is one of the most frustrating things about being fit with muscles. Do you know how hard it is to find pants that fit a booty, thick thighs AND a smaller waist? And there certainly are not many fitted shirts made for capped shoulders and biceps that are bigger than our wrists.

-And jeans? Forget it. There will always be a dance involved or us laying on the bed trying to pull them up before we quit and take them off. Please don’t judge us how we put pants on our bodies.

-The fitting room gets pretty depressing. A few meltdowns may happen in there.

-Seriously, pants are hard.

-We run around in sweatpants and leggings all the time. It’s just easy and comfortable. And if we do have “normal” clothes on, people ask why we are dressed up.

-The laundry. For the love god, endless laundry. And 90% are gym clothes.

-Let us sweat in peace! Just because I’m on the stair master next to you, does not mean I want to talk. Oh, and trying to start a conversation in the middle of my lift? How about I show you the door instead?

-We don’t bother with our hair anymore. We’ll go a few straight days without washing it. Braids, hats and dry shampoo are our hair’s best friends.

-Hotel gyms play a major part in deciding our vacation destination.

-Our cars are filled with protein bar wrappers, empty water bottles and shaker bottles. These are signs of a fit chick on the go.

-Please don’t mind the calluses and chalk stains on my hands. They get wrecked from lifting heavy weight. Admire the woman who has both calluses and manicures (well sometimes manicures).

-I secretly cry inside when the people at nail salons scrape down my calluses. I earned those! Don’t take away the signs of my hard work!

The struggles of a fit chick are real, but don’t let that stop you from loving one! She is hardworking, disciplined, easy going, understanding, healthy and knows how to have fun! Everyone should have a fit girl in their life ;p

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