Should you give home workouts a trial?

What’s the cost of a good and healthy lifestyle? Cringe if you may; I know I would. But then, I’ll tell you anyways. The cost of a good and healthy lifestyle is a regular

workout routine! What do you call a concept that appears so easy, yet quite hard? Easard? Working out is Easard!


You don’t need to hit the gym before you get stuff done. The number of available exercises independent of a gym facility is so numerous, choosing the right one could be

such a chore. Hence, there is hope for you. Regardless, listed below are a few forms of exercises that you can perform in and around your house:

  • Skipping 
  • Brisk walking around your house compound 
  • Dancing 
  • Push up
  • Sit up
  • Aerobics 
  • Lunge 
  • Squat 
  • Plank
  • Sports

All these exercises and many more of like manner can be performed without gym apparatus, in your house. They involve basic and simple body movements that have unbelievably tremendous

effects. Aside from the desire for your packs and sixes and flats, why should you workout at all? Hang in there!


No, workouts don’t make you go all day smiling like a doughnut. A study from the University of Vermont found that just twenty minutes of exercise can boost your mood for twelve hours! Studies

don’t lie. Just before you’re tempted to do forty minutes of workout, for a full twenty-four-hour mood boost, we advise you tread lightly! Easy and steady does it.


It is no news that exercises somehow keep us healthy. But how?

Constant and regular exercise of muscles helps to keep your immune system at the top of her game! Non-communicable diseases like heart failure, diabetes, stroke, cancer, and a host of other killer

agents can be avoided by simple home exercises. Get your blood flowing!

Exercises and workouts assist immensely in weight loss and maintenance. A strong tip for y’all that need to lose that excess belly fat: get jogging! A common misconception is that sit-ups burn belly

fat. They do not! What sit-ups do is that they strengthen abdominal muscles. Other forms of home exercises like brisk walking, jogging, sports and dancing, burn the belly fat instead. You’re



Somehow someway, the exercises you do have a way of making you feel better about yourself and your life at large. Regardless of the fact that the ‘fruits’ of the exercise are not shown yet, we find

people who have begun working out relate better, and with more confidence, to the people around them. Build your muscles, and build your confidence in the process!


The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that exercise has been found invaluable and useful in the management of various anxiety disorders. These include bipolar disorder, panic

disorder, schizophrenia, and paranoia amongst many others. Augment those therapy sessions with some simple bends and sit-ups in the early morning.


We are particularly pumped about this one! 

Aging is an inevitable, sometimes unpleasant lifelong process. Probably the terrifying experience about being aged is the inability to do like before the things you used to do so well. Many grey elderly

people suffer muscle spasms, intention tremors, and akinesia (loss of voluntary muscular movement) to name a few. These conditions are many times considered inevitable. Are they really? 

Workout now, and in some 30/40 years, you could boycott these bad boys. A paper released on March 8, 2018, from the University of Birmingham confirmed this fact in the following research

summary: A group of older people who have exercised all of their lives were compared to a group of similarly aged adults and younger adults who do not exercise regularly. The results showed that

those who have exercised regularly had defied the aging process. 

Again, facts don’t lie. Why be old, weak, and grey when you can be a bubbling Dorian Gray? 

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