I love using the prowler sled during my workouts! It is very versatile and can be used in a circuit, as a finisher or as a whole workout. It produces incredible results in a very little amount of time, which is why anyone at any fitness level should add it to their training regimen!

Prowler Sled Training Benefits:

  • great for conditioning and fat loss
  • increases muscle hypertrophy
  • devlops functional strength
  • develops power
  • improves acceleration
  • adds variety to your workout or training program
  • form of active recovery
  • injury prevention

How to Properly Use the Prowler Sled:

In order to perform the exercise safely and effectively, using proper form with the Prowler sled is essential. It’s more than just grabbing and pushing the sled. You need to make sure you have stability and rigidity right from the start to get the sled moving. This will allow you to push a heavier amount of weight, and more explosively. Below are directions of how to properly use the Prowler:

Grip: Firmly grip the sled. Some prefer to hold higher up, others slightly lower.

Foot Stance: Set your feet up so they are the same width as your running stance. When you stride, make sure that your feet remain the same width apart the entire time. Also, it is important that you drive through your forefoot, and make sure that all of your toes remain in contact with the ground. This will provide you with a much sturdier base, and will provide you with the stability that you need to generate more power.

Alignment: Make sure that your body remains in proper alignment from the head to feet. The spine (from the lumbar to cervical region) should remain in neutral alignment, your joints in your upper body should remain stacked, your torso and pelvis should face ahead, and your knees should remain in line with your feet the entire time.

Breathing and Core: Before you go, take a deep breath into your belly and surround your spine with air (360 degrees of air), brace your core, and drive with your legs. Keep your core braced the entire time. This will provide you with the pelvic and spinal stability that you need, and will allow you to generate a lot of force with your lower body.


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