Here are some perfect shoes for your fitness goals.

A good work out session might leave you sore, but it shouldn’t cause injuries. Workout shoes are mostly selected based on color, cost, design, and how cute they look on your legs. Don’t get us wrong, a good shoe is excellent, but a good and functioning shoe is even better. By functioning, it should help optimize your workout session.

Fitness Goals

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Major Mistakes to Avoid With Workout Shoes

  • Using your old sports shoe:

    Your old workout footwear would not be as efficient as new especially if they are worn out.

  • Purchasing a sports shoe without help:

    The staff is there to guide you. They are more knowledgeable about the types of shoes and which is better.

  • Using it as a casual shoe:

    Save your sports shoes for sports. The shoes will last longer if used only for its purpose.

  • The right shoe for the wrong workout:

    You may have the perfect sport shoe with the right size and flexibility, but you use it for the improper exercise.

  • Not replacing your shoe

    It is recommended to replace your workout shoes after every 350-500 miles or every 20-25 weeks or when you feel it doesn’t cushion as much anymore or provides stability.

Benefits of Wearing the Appropriate Shoes

Whether you hit the gym, run on a trail, or exercise at home, investing in a good pair is one of the best decisions you could make to achieve that fitness goal. Here are the reasons why:

  • Good shoes boost your confidence

    A pair of well-fitting shoes will help you focus more on the task at hand, thus improving your self-esteem.

  • Proper body form

    A good fitness journey starts with achieving the proper body form. Improper shoes will definitely prevent that. 

  • For cushioning

    When you run, lift, jump, and do all sorts of exercises, sports shoes act as a shock absorber.

  • Stability

    Sprinters and runners use sports shoes that have maximum stability to prevent injury and going off trail.

  • Prevents injuries:

    The feet are like the support system for the body during various exercises. Wearing a proper pair prevents blisters, ankle injuries, and falls during a workout session.

Choosing Based on Your Workout

The following are types of workout and the shoes suitable:

  • Strength training exercises

    Cross trainers are designed for weightlifting, fitness classes, and ranges of sports like basketball. 

  • Running:

    Good running shoes are stable, flexible, cushioning, and fit well.

  • Special workouts:

     For aerobic exercises, your shoes must be flexible and lightweight for fast movements.

Perfect Shoes For Fitness Goals

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Types of Workout Shoes

  • Running shoes

    : These are designed to provide forward motion on tracks.

  • Walking shoes

    These have more cushioning at the heel when compared to running shoes. Walkers stride with the heels while runners land on the forefoot.

  • Cross-training shoes

    These types of shoes are recommended for cardio as well as strength training.

  • Tennis shoe

    Unlike running shoes, tennis shoes are more flexible and provide lateral stability. They help to protect the feet from quick movements laterally.

  • Cycling shoes

    They are lightweight and are more snugly to wear.

Tips to Consider

  • Expensive does not necessarily mean better:

    A shoe that costs a fortune doesn’t mean it’s better than a relatively cheaper one.

  • Try the shoe on with sports socks:

    Sports socks are as important as the shoe. When selecting the shoe, try it in with socks to see if it perfectly fits.

  • Lace the shoe firmly but not tightly: 

    Tightly lacing your shoe can numb the feet and cause pain. It could also affect your exercise.

  • Walk in the shoe during a purchase:

    When making a purchase, consider walking in them to see how it feels.

  • Bend the shoe:

    Bending the shoe will enable you to assess its flexibility. You do not need stiff footwear unless recommended.

This article looked at the importance of footwear if you are wearing the proper workout shoe and also guides you in selecting the right workout shoes. However, if you desire training plans that are flexible and a coach to help you reach your fitness goals, Fitr 365 is your best bet. We train based on needs and create a plan that is for you alone. Grab your shoes and let’s get started!


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