The discussion about morning vs. Afternoon exercise is not ending soon, so we sought to find the truth about when is the best time to exercise

(or hit the gym).

One thing is for sure though- adopting a daily training routine is good for your health whether your target is to lose weight or just keep fit.

So, let’s get straight in and see what experts and personal trainers think about morning vs. afternoon exercise.

What’s the Thing About Morning Exercise?

 Here’s what most people believe about morning exercise.

Most people believe that exercising in the morning is the secret to weight loss. But
this is proving to be inaccurate.

The theory behind this belief is that our energy stores are relatively low and with
minimal glucose levels for use by our muscles in the morning, especially before
breakfast. The effect is that if we exercise, our bodies will resort to fats to generate
energy thus burning it down and resulting in us losing weight.

That sounds reasonably convincing until you realize that our bodies are not used to
getting energy from fats. Our muscles are therefore a bit sluggish whenever they are
using fats as a source of energy.

If you are doing just a few minutes light workouts, then this is probably a non-issue,
but for those who love strenuous exercises and for extended periods, then your body
will undoubtedly be less effective compared to when we are better fuelled.

Also, the proponents of early morning workouts also believe that:

  • Early mornings provide good weather for a serious workout. We have no
    problem with that.
  • Early morning exercises set the mood for your day, and you’ll not have to
    exercise again for the day. Still, we have no problem with that.
  • Early morning workouts set you on a path to start your day in a better mood.
  • We all know that exercise is an excellent mood enhancer.

From the foregoing, early morning exercise seems to a great idea. Just make sure
you get some quick dose of carbohydrate-based snack if you planning on doing
some strenuous activity (or wish to exercise for 60 or more minutes).

Now, let’s look at the question about morning vs. afternoon exercise again.

How about Afternoon or Evening Exercise? Is it any better?

crazyrunninggirl.morning vs evening
crazyrunninggirl.morning vs evening

Not all of us would sacrifice our sleep for training in the morning or would get time to
train given our schedules.

That leaves us with either afternoon or evening for exercise. Are we better off?
Here’s what the proponents of afternoon exercise think about it and the benefits
arising thereof.

  • Our bodies are more fuelled up and more alert in the afternoon. Theoretically, we are therefore able to exercise longer and stronger.
  • Afternoon exercise allows your exercise the day away, so it’s likely to be good
    therapy for relieving the day’s stress.
  • As you are nearing your bedtime, an exercise in the afternoon or evening may get you better sleep. Exercise is one of the best sleep aids.
  • You are likely more active in the afternoon than in the morning hence able to
    work out better and more effectively.

The possible disadvantage of working out in the afternoon is probably the likelihood
of it being interrupted by unexpected changes to adjustments to our day’s schedule.

Morning Vs. Afternoon Exercise, what’s the verdict?

Experts really don’t find any significant difference or advantage to working out in the
morning or afternoon. What’s everyone agrees to is that you’ve got to work out
anyway. Both times have benefits and drawbacks but what matters is that you find a
time convenient for you to workout.


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