Meal Prep Made Simple

It’s a new year, which means new fitness goals. Many of us want to clean up our diet, lose weight and be healthy, especially after the past month of holiday parties, foods and drinks. In order to be successful and achieve these goals, we have to plan. Like the saying goes “fail to plan, plan to fail.” Eating a healthy, clean diet does not have to be inconvenient or hard to do; in fact it can easy and fun if you do it right! Food prepping is a great tool to keep you on track and make life easier during the busy week. I have put together simple steps to meal prep that will keep you organized and successful.


Set aside one day to cook and prep all your food. Sundays are great because it is the day before a new week and people usually have more free time. Whatever your schedule is, make sure you pick the day(s) that is most convenient and will keep you successful.


You need to set aside time on your meal prep day to cook and prep the meals in separate containers for the week. Depending on the amount and type of food you cook, the time needed will vary. It takes me about 2 to 3 hours to get this done.


It is important to make a list of all the foods you will need for the week. I break my list into categories into protein, carbs, fats and vegetables to keep me organized. Making categories will also help you plan the meals and snacks you want for the week. Make sure you plan enough to last throughout the week!


Take your list and go to the grocery store to get your food! When I’m shopping, I always look for the items on sale and buy in bulk when I can in order to save money. Rule of thumb, never go shopping when you are hungry, an empty stomach tends to make irrational decisions.


When you have all the food you need, preheat the oven, rinse the produce, boil the water and get cooking! Don’t forget to use spices, seasonings and herbs to mix it up and add some flavor. When all your food is cooked, arrange your meals in containers and put in your refrigerator or freezer for the week! *Tip: date your meals so you know when they were cooked!

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