Here’s How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy (And Stay

Safe from Pregnancy Complications)

Pregnancy is always an exciting time for every woman, and it’s only natural to wonder how to sail through successfully. For most women, the

question that lingers most in our minds revolves around how to stay fit during pregnancy. And we totally understand why.

As women, we love our bodies, and any physical change that touches on how we physically look always raises our adrenaline levels.

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of those occurrences in our lives that subject our bodies to tremendous changes, and it’s only natural if we share

a few tips on staying fit during pregnancy and avoid pregnancy complications.

How to stay fit during pregnancy like a pro, even for first-time mothers

Achieving a high fitness level during pregnancy involves at least 3 things- diet, exercise, and a positive mind. Let’s get to the finer details now.

#1. Never stop exercising, just be selective

Contrary to popular belief peddled by ignorant fellows, exercising during pregnancy brings with it lots of benefits to our mind and body. Unless

directed by your doctor, selective exercises are safe and suitable for your pregnancy.

Furthermore, if you are used to high-intensity cardio exercises, this may be the time to tone down. You can opt for low-intensity workouts like

walking, jogging or swimming. For those of us who like weight training, you can tweak it a little and use light weights with high reps.

Gentle exercises like prenatal Pilates which includes pelvic floor exercises which are very critical during pregnancy are recommended for any

pregnant woman. Just make sure whatever you do, your doctor is aware and is okay with it so that you don’t jeopardize your health.

How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy with Yoga
pregnancy exercise dos donts Exercise Mats

#2. Listen to your body

Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, it’s imperative that you listen to your body. Every pregnancy is unique, and no two or more

experiences are ideally the same.

How to stay fit during pregnancy with exercise
How to stay fit during pregnancy

It doesn’t matter whether you just researched on how to stay fit during pregnancy or you are reading from your last pregnancy notes, the secret

to better health lifestyle during your pregnancy is to listen to your body.

You are likely to feel lethargic during the first trimester but will be better in the second trimester.

#3. Maintain a healthy diet and watch out for your cravings

Yes, as a woman, chances are that you will experience pregnancy cravings and they may be hard to deal with especially when it has pushed you

to the wrong food. To maintain a proper diet with minerals and nutrients, eat several foods that are rich in core nutrients and minerals mainly

needed during pregnancy. These include calcium, iron, and folate.

How to stay fit during pregnancy with nutrition
How to stay fit during pregnancy

Moreover, don’t be fooled into ‘eating for two.’ It’s an ugly fallacy that you need to get rid of. Instead, focus on the quality of your diet.

If your cravings have pushed you to sugary stuff, you have to fight it, especially in the second trimester. Research has revealed that increased

sugar intake may limit your child’s memory and intelligence.

#4. Consider a daily stretching routine alongside your daily exercise plan

This is one of those tricks that most women ignore in planning their pregnancy workout checklist. Daily stretching helps fight muscle pain and

cramping that’s very common during pregnancy.

Yoga Mats

childs pose yoga move for sciatica pregnancy stretch
childs pose yoga move for sciatica pregnancy stretch

Stretching also helps with posture which allows your baby more space. Prenatal yoga is a good start in your daily plan.

#5. Stay hydrated all through the day

Water is responsible for a lot of things during pregnancy. From carrying oxygen and nutrients to your baby to fighting constipation and

bloating, keeping hydrated is one of the best things, you’ll do during your pregnancy.

dehydration during pregnancy blog
dehydration during pregnancy blog

And just like that, you are on your way to achieving real fitness during pregnancy. So, next time you are wondering how to stay fit during

pregnancy, just come back and refresh your memory. While at it, remember Fit365 is here to guide you on how to achieve your dream fitness

levels now and in the future.

Until next time, Adios.

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