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We created the Fitr365 platform to not only help individuals reach their health and wellness goals, but also to help fitness professionals reach their business goals.

The Fitr365 platform and resources are specifically designed for coaches who are looking to expand their business online and grow their potential. We are here to support you as you grow your business and guide the community in making healthier choices in their everyday life.

All our services are offered through our online platform, APP, and Marketplace. We are looking to collaborate with you to help promote your business.

As a member of our coaching team, we will provide you with
  • Access to our webinar platform
  • Access to our mobile app
  • Access to our project management and marketing teams
  • Platform to run your custom fitness programs
  • Creation of a landing page for your program so you can market directly
  • Dropshipping products and equipment built into the platform
  • Consulting with a marketing specialist, so you can learn how to identify your target market and maximizing your program
  • Advertising of the platform to maximize the visibility of your programs

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Antonio CampbellStudent

“Never been more happy with a fitness and nutrition program than I am with Fr365. Mark go above and beyond to help reach goals and really took time to help me understand how eat and staying consistant was a big part of my process. Mark did a fantastic job of incorporating food I love into a meal plan that really helped me to stay on track and not fall off the wagon and binge. I’m very grateful for Fr365.”

Helena AracelliBusiness Development & Project Management

““In 60 days, I lost more than 11% of my body weight. I gained great habits, energy, confidence, happiness, pride and so much more. The support, humor, realistic talk and methods from Joe are literally infectious. Joe’s videos make a long walk go by in a blink, and you will nod like he’s in front of you and you will laugh out loud. If you are truly ready for a commitment to yourself with amazing support, please reach out to them. Life changing, I swear to you. Thank you, Joe, for believing in me and lifting the standard!””

Isabella EdwardsStudio Manager

“Team Fr365 is great! They’re passionate and very knowledgeable about what they do! They have many training and nutrition options that can work for you! I have learned a lot about macros and eating to fuel my goals! I don’t feel deprived on their plans and I have found it easy to maintain for the last 6 months!”

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