Today we live in a culture that uses food to feel good, to celebrate, and to reward ourselves. This can be a challenge for us when we are trying to reach a healthy body weight, achieve a fitness goal,

and/or learn how to control eating.

Instead of going straight to food to reward yourself for hitting a new PR, losing weight, or getting a job promotion, treat yourself with something goal-related. The best reward for your hard work and

dedication to a goal is one that invests back into your journey (not one that distracts from it). Below is a list of ways to celebrate WITHOUT food. Share your suggestions and experiences with me in

the comment section for this post!


-Treat your feet with a new pair of lifters or training shoes

-Upgrade to glass Tupperware or a fresh new cooler bag designed to carry meals

-Buy an Instant Pot or Air Fryer for your meal prep

-Go see a motivational speaker or author that inspires you

-A mini road trip to a cool gym that you have been wanting to visit

-Take an afternoon to read a new book

-Pamper yourself with a massage, facial, or Mani/Pedi

-Take pictures. Create a collage or photo album from a special event

-Attend a class that you always wanted to do. Whether it’s painting, yoga, or knitting class, try something new

-Watch a funny movie. Laughter is always great to celebrate with!

-Do something fun and active that’s not at the gym. Go hiking, skiing, skating, bowling, sky diving, or any sport!

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