The workouts you do and the kind of food you eat should complement your body type. It is better working with your body rather than working

against it to achieve results faster.


Ectomorphs have a slim build, often slender with long limbs and small joints. This body type has difficulty adding muscle mass due to a higher


  •         Small forearms
  •         Skinny no matter what you eat
  •         You can grip your wrist with your thumb and middle finger, and they overlap
  •         Chest circumference is 35 inches or less
  •         Shoulders are narrower than hips

Nutrition for Ectomorphs

  •         Consider at least a 500 calorie increase if you want to gain weight.
  •         Eat every three to four hours.
  •         Consume complex carbs like rice and potatoes.
  •         Eat high nutrient snacks like nuts.
  •         Always take a pre-workout diet that is easily digestible like banana and oatmeal.
  •         Consume a post workout meal 30-45 minutes after.
  •         Your carbohydrates should always be more than protein in the ratio 3:1

Body Type Analysis: Find out Which Is Yours

Exercise for ectomorphs

Consider lifting weights on an average of three times a week to get those muscles stimulated. Focus on heavier weights with shorter reps like

two to three sets of 10-15 reps for each muscle.

List of exercises to consider include:

  • Dumbbell press for the chest
  • Squats for legs
  • Deadlifts for shoulders and legs
  • Lunges
  • Triceps curls  and dumbbell press for arms
  • Pushups and planks for the whole body  


Mesomorphs have a naturally muscular body type and could easily achieve results when working out. However, a mesomorph body type is

prone to weight gain, and there is a need to watch the diet and focus on training to achieve a lean mass.

  •         A well-proportioned body
  •         Wider shoulders
  •         Moderate forearms with good thickness
  •         Narrower waist
  •         Your middle finger and thumb ouch when you grip your wrist
  •         Natural muscles
  •         Short limbs with a long torso
  •         Chest circumference is between 36-45 inches

Nutrition for Mesomorphs

  •         Your diet should always have protein
  •         Consider proteins like eggs, chicken, beans, fish, and protein powders.
  •         Don’t neglect carbohydrate
  •         Vegetables and fruits should make one-third of your diet.
  •         Whole grains like oatmeal and quinoa should make up your diet
  •         Healthy fats like seeds, olive oil, are essential
  •         Have a bulk pre-work diet

Fitness for Mesomorphs

To achieve a lean physique while maintaining muscle mass, do some cardio exercises three to four times a week. Weight lifting is also ideal for

your body type. However, do not over train and ensure to increase the weight gradually to avoid injuries.

Other exercises for you are:

  •         Running
  •         Front squat
  •         Planks
  •         Leg press
  •         Barbell rows
  •         Pull-ups
  •         Weighted calf exercises
  •         Barbell bench press and
  •         Abdominal exercises


The distribution of body fat is usually in the abdomen, thigh, and hips. The aim is to work on building your muscle while keeping the fat level in check.

  •         Wider shoulders
  •         Thicker forearms
  •         Shorter limbs
  •         Round body
  •         Medium sized bone structure
  •         Extra body fat and abdominal fat
  •         Gains weight easily but cannot lose it quickly
  •         Chest circumference is over 45 inches.

Nutrition for Endomorphs

  • Stay away from bread, pasta, and cookies
  • Replace sugary drinks with water
  • Consider a paleo-like diet:  your food should have all classes of food
  • Start the day with a high protein diet
  • Keep carb levels in check

Exercise for endomorphs

You could incorporate forty-five to sixty minutes of intense cardio sessions, three to four times a week. However, you should avoid overtraining. Steady wins the race in your case. Involve other compound movements with higher repetitions like: 

  • Squat with overhead press
  • Planks with triceps extension
  • Pile squats
  • Deadlifts with dumbbells

Can I have more than one body type?

The truth is that only a few people fit perfectly into one group. There could be a mix of two body types in just one person. Consider your most prominent characteristics and determine your diet and training routine accordingly.

Ultimately, each of the body types is different, and you need a customizable and flexible plan to help you achieve your goals. Fitr365 has all the things you would require. We offer free consultation and personal coaches that are always available. Find out your body type today and make your transition easier. 


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