Am I Too Old For CrossFit? The Age-Old Question Answered 

If you are in the fitness industry or just planning on starting a fitness plan that includes hitting the gym, be sure to come across this question or discussions around CrossFit workouts and age. 

Since it’s inception in early 2000, CrossFit exercises and programs have had a tremendous acceptance among the young people. But, with nearly 20 years of existence, the benefits of CrossFit

workouts are becoming clear and more precise, even getting approval for all ages.

But the real question still remains, how old is too old for a CrossFit exercise? Is one too old for a CrossFit?

The answer is no.

Unless you have a medical condition that restricts your exercise levels, you are just a good candidate as the gym instructor.

For a long time though, CrossFit has been synonymous with the young generation. The old have always viewed it as a highly-intensive workout. This stance is not wrong. I mean, what do we know about CrossFit? 

The last one we both likely saw involved people climbing up ropes, lifting heavy weights and tyres that probably weight triple their weights. That’s not something the elderly can imagine going through.

But what’s the truth? 

Here are a few facts that prove CrossFit is a good fit for all ages

#1. As people age, their muscles fibers tend to shrink both in number and size. This is in effect makes them less sensitive to the communication from the nervous system thus affecting balance,

strength, and coordination. CrossFit exercises can target these muscles helping them regain their strength, balance, and coordination allowing the old to move with ease. 

#2. Fitness training is among the recommended ways of increasing bone density and lowers the chances of one developing fractures and osteoporosis. CrossFit programs include fitness training thus very beneficial to the old too.

#3. Resistance exercises are always embedded in CrossFit workouts. These exercises allow the senior members of our society to gain independence by improving their strength levels for everyday living.

#4. Resistance exercises have also been proven to help people sleep better and achieve better moods. Besides, CrossFit workouts which involve lifting of weights can help alleviate arthritic symptoms

by strengthening the tendons, muscles, and ligaments that surround our joints. As these workouts also include a lot of movements, blood flow to the tendons, muscles, and ligaments is encouraged

making it a necessity for the old.

#5. As CrossFit targets compound and multi-joint movements, it has the potential to address diminishing flexibility.

#6. With all the experiences and challenges the old have seen in life, taking another challenge posed by CrossFit moves is probably an exciting one. You can set personal records and set out to

achieve even more.

Wrap up…

The discussion about whether one is too old for CrossFit should be approached by looking at the benefits it brings to people of all ages. For the old, their main challenge is to pack more strength,

energy levels, coordination, and balance. CrossFit exercises do precisely that, and one should not freak out if they are thinking of signing up.

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