Post-workout: What should you do?

Post-workout practices deal with the things we do or foods we consume after exercises or fitness pieces of training. They go a long way in determining how well we can sustain the effects of a workout on our body system. The routine practice of good habits is an essential part of the journey to being fit.

Are you breaking the rules?

When you finish a fitness exercise and burning some calories, you would not want to undo your efforts. We sometimes break our diet rules and routine having the impression that we deserve it after such hard work. These tips will help your fitness and healthy lifestyle in check.


I can’t even put in words how much stretching after a workout is important. Just like it’s not smart to jump onto the water after sunbathing, so it’s not smart to leave your body cool down without stretching. This part of the post-workout will save you from sore muscles, fatigue, and help you recover faster from an exhausting workout.

Let your mind drift away

If you have ever tried yoga, you would know that the final 5 to 15 minutes of training are reserved for “Savasana.” However, if your workout was intense and it got your pulse raised, DO NOT rush into Savasana until you do your stretching. After you are done with stretching then you should proceed into Savasana.

How to do it?

Lay on your back, turn your palms towards the sky or ceiling, and close your eyes. By doing so, you are allowing your body to recuperate and integrate. If you take only 15 minutes when you finish a high-energy exercise to lie down or sit, and complete rest, your entire system will integrate the moment more efficiently.

Drinking water should never be in question

It is convenient for you to get exhausted from the gym and the first thing you want to do is grab a cup of coffee or be tempted by a deli around you. The idea of taking coffee might be fantastic, or you may have cravings for a diet soda. Unfortunately, you need to say “no” to them. This means a plain, pure bottle of water. An average of 20 ounces of water is enough for your body to recover optimally.

Bananas – Anyone?

After an exercise, your body requires replenishment of lost nutrients within 15 minutes to an hour. Bananas are one of the great fruits for a post-workout restoration. They contain high healthy carbohydrates to restore the levels of glycogen in the body, and they help heal your sore muscles. They are also made of potassium, a necessary form of electrolytes that prevent muscle spasms and cramps. Besides, you can adequately wrap them for easy mobility.

Remember to breath

Breathing sounds easy. We realized that holding your breath or shallow breathing for a long while makes an exercise even more strenuous. Post-workout, your body will need some time to ” reinstate” together with your breathing. Take the time to allow yourself breathe deeply, in and out, until your breathing becomes normal.

Do not overwork yourself

During a fitness exercise, there is a lot of adrenaline rush, and you may feel excited and anxious to keep striving. There is a temptation for you to throw all of yourself into the routine to meet up your expectations. Leaving the gym only to participate in other demanding tasks is not an excellent way to cool off your nervousness. If you do not give yourself any time or space to recuperate, you run a risk of breaking down.

Do not restore energy with empty carbs

Do not fall prey to the lure of empty carbs. We agree that the bagels, sweet pastries and croissants can help spike back your sugar, but this is temporary and the,  only give you a short burst of energy. Before you know it, the power drops even lower than it was. They are only processed, refined, sugary and they have nothing to replace the nutrients you depleted post-workout.

Do not drink alcohol immediately after exercise

Nothing makes the body lose water like alcohol, so do not reintroduce it directly after your fitness training. Substitute it for water, a healthy snack, and electrolytes. Drinking alcohol makes you sweat more than usual as your body is trying to get rid of toxins. If you must take it at all, wait till your body has been restored to its level of hydration before you drink. Alternate between a glass of water and one drink to prevent a hangover.

Do not return to being lazy

All these habits should be on your to-do list to sustain your fitness routine and attain your health objectives. It is not enough for you to spend endless hours doing several exercises and you end up not reaping the benefits of your efforts. It is helpful to surround yourself with family and friends who support you and encourage you to stay on track and keep you in check. If you have any requests or you still have difficulty regulating your practices, you should contact a counselor or fitness trainer to assist you to pull through.


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