How important is Influencer Marketing for the Fitness Industry?

The term “influencer” is new but one that has grown steeply upwards. Instagram has seen growth and earned billions so far since its births in October 2010. Over a decade, Instagram has gone from very few users to over a billion users every month in 2020. Making Instagram a very powerful marketing tool. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

When we talk about the fitness industry, it has grown into a global $500 billion industry and continues to grow every day. The obsession with personal health has grown over the years but people now would only pay heed to well-known faces. These faces belong to fitness trainers, bodybuilders, athletes, and wellness coaches. Gone are the days when a brand would advertise its fitness product or service and expect sales.

People want to hear the personal experiences of the experts themselves and follow their advice when it comes to investing in a brand. This has paved the way for a new form of advertising: influencer marketing. Every fitness brand, be it food related or activewear, spare a large chunk of their budget for influencer marketing. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

The total number of fitness influencers on Instagram has grown over the last five years by fitness trainers, athletes, and bodybuilders. This started when these individuals began sharing their fitness journeys online. The authenticity of these stories is what made it a staggering success worldwide. Everyone prefers to hear it from the experts, and rightly so.

The days of unrealistic claims by brands are behind; fitness influencers focus on personal achievement and preach the same. These achievements are different for each individual and at their own personal pace. Individuals are “influenced” by these fitness gurus since the platform has brought them closer. The communication gap between people and their fitness idols has closed so much so, that now, you can have your query answered directly by them.

According to Business Insider, brands are now focusing on authenticity instead of the quality of acting of these influencers. As long as the values of these online idols are in the right place, people will be influenced and ultimately help brands reach new heights.

How Can I Find the Right Fitness Influencer?

In order to find the right fitness influencer, you need to understand a few things. First, fitness and wellbeing are now inclusive. Second, no matter what your fitness goals are, you will be a part of the community. This leads to our original question: how can you find the right influencer?

The answer is simple: look for someone who is natural. Fitness influencers who tend to make unrealistic claims about fitness, health, and overall wellbeing are not authentic. Their lives both online and offline will be similar to yours. Complete with a social life, a home life, and a professional one. A fitness influencer should make you feel good about yourself.

Keep in mind that they are still doing this in order to earn their living, so they are entrepreneurs. Their aim is to build a brand that sells merchandise, workout plans, and nutrition guidelines. However, they are doing all this by keeping their followers engaged with their lives. Their aim is to inspire others to step into the fitness industry. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

This level of involvement with the audience leads to trust and loyalty in the brand that the influencer is advertising. When they share a normal day in their life that involves having drinks or simply eating a pizza, it feels natural. These simple things make the followers believe in their authenticity of the influencer in question. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

In order to find the right fitness influencer, look for one that has over 1000 followers least. This shows that people like what they see on a particular account. Moreover, look at the content that is being on the Instagram account. You may want to focus on an influencer who shares some of your own fitness goals. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

This process will take some time, but you will eventually find the right one to follow. Looking at the list below, you will notice how simple their lives are and how hard they have worked to get where they are today. It is all about being a part of a like-minded community who also share your own set of values. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

How Can I Become a Successful Fitness Influencer?

Today, becoming a successful fitness influencer is a challenge. With the market being lucrative and millions of influencers already present on Instagram, it will take time. If you already have a workout routine in place, start recording it. Additionally, take pictures of your meals and share your meal plans. Create your Instagram handle and start uploading.

Using the right hashtags and pictures will get you the attention you need. However, in order to trend quickly, you will have to shake up your creativity. There should also be enough content on your account for it to go viral. You can make videos of your fitness transformation or offer training sessions online. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

Keep in mind that if you want to grow your own brand, you have to be persistent. Your followers and viewership will drop if you are not regular on your Instagram platform. Keep your profile updated and stay active on the stories. Doing a live chat or session with your followers will get you more traction.

As you gain the trust of your followers, you will see your brand creating an emotional connection with your followers. The ability to align your values with your brand is the key to making bigger profits. It is all about how well you can tailor your brand with your audience while being an expert in your field.

You will also need to become the brand ambassador or a sponsored athlete for other brands. This is where most fitness influencers start. Ever since the dawn of fitness influencers on Instagram, fitness-related companies invest heavily in influencer marketing. Most strategies now revolve around this platform alone. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

Be mindful of the brands you choose to endorse since any related negative story can backfire. You can simply talk about the product over your stories or make an unboxing video. Overall, you will be talking about how that particular brand has helped you achieve your fitness goals. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

At fitr365, we constantly keep an eye on the latest trends in the fitness industry. That includes individuals who continue to inspire people around the world. The following 15 influencers on Instagram are making waves around the world. Their values and fitness journey are an inspiration for us and here we are sharing these stories with you. Remember to follow them for your daily motivation towards a healthier and a fitter lifestyle. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

Here is the 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers Worldwide

1. The Rock United States

1 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers Worldwide

Photo Credit by Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has become a common household name now. He is The Rock, Rocky Maivia, Flex Kavana, The Brahma Bull, and The People’s Champion. The Rock is now a successful singer, producer, actor who started his career as a professional wrestler. He is the epitome of success and an inspiration for many.

His journey to success began as a football player for the University of Miami. Since he comes from a family of wrestlers, he decided to go down the same road and his father and grandfather. Soon, Dwayne became popular in the world of professional wrestling appearing as the main figure from 1996 to 2013. He was not just an average competitor, but one who bagged the championships many times. Dwayne won the WWE Championship eight times, the WWF Tag Team Championship five times, and the WCW twice. He is also a proud ten-times winner of the WWE world champion.

The Rock then started his filming career back in 2002 where he appeared in the movie The Scorpion King. Soon, we saw him on the big screen appearing in movies like The Fast and the Furious, The Game Plan, and Get Smart. He is a natural actor and his fans loved him even more in such roles.

His success story does not end there. In 2013, he ranked 25 in Forbes’ Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities. Dwayne went on to become the highest-paid actors in 2016 and soon made it to the list of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the world. His charismatic personality and talents have made him a role model for people all over the world.

The Rock starts his day at 4 am in the morning and within 30 minutes, completes his 30 minutes of cardio. He then eats a healthy breakfast and starts his day. This, according to him, is what makes him successful. His daily training depends on the role he is preparing himself to play.

As for Dwayne’s meals, he believes that every training session is incomplete without a proper meal. So he puts in as much effort in planning his diet. He prefers eating protein-packed foods that contribute to his strong and lean physique.

2.  Anllela Sagra Colombia

2 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers Worldwide

Photo Credit by Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra hails from Colombo and she is a fitness model and a sponsored athlete. She has bagged many wins including various figure competitions in 2010. She started bodybuilding with the motive of pushing her career further as a fashion model. However, fate has something else in store for her.

She soon fell in love with weight lifting and the results she saw kept her motivated to continue. Anllela started to train regularly and after a year of strenuous training decided to enter her first competition. She took the third in 2013 and since then she has had many followers and fans on social media. Today, Anllela is an inspiration for thousands around the world who aspire to achieve their dream physique.

Her training usually consists of toning and maintaining her lower body. She focuses on classic exercises like squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and weighted kickbacks. Anllela uses lighter weights, including her body weight to tone her upper extremities. She includes push-ups, pull-ups, shoulder presses, and bicep curls in her exercises.

Her nutrition choices are simple yet effective. Unless she is training for a competition, she chooses foods made from whole grains and high in proteins. She also includes a high volume of carbs in order to get energy for her intense workout sessions.

3. Tammy Hembrow Australia

Photo Credit by Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow comes from Australia. She is a celebrated fitness model, video blogger, and sponsored athlete. Her success came in 2014 when she started to film her pregnancy, which is a big challenge for women worldwide. Women were amazed to see her stay in shape throughout her pregnancy and even after it. This in itself is a great inspiration for women everywhere.

As a teenager, she got into some bad habits like excessive drinking and smoking. This was mainly due to peer-pressure, as teens tend to get involved with their friends. However, she soon realized that this was not the way for her. Tammy decided to fight against temptation and joined a gym soon after. Her healthy diet and a scheduled training program gave her the motivation she needed to get where she is today.

During her training days, Tammy focuses on meals that are nutritious and balanced. However, on the weekends, she indulges in other foods like cake or pizza. She believes that a day of healthy eating and training at the gym is the way of life. Tammy feels amazing at the end of the day and inspires her followers to do the same.

On a regular basis, she eats lean turkey breast, ground beef, green vegetables, egg whites, tuna, tomatoes, quinoa, and walnuts. She often relies on supplements to fill her nutrition needs like minerals, multivitamins, and fish oil capsules.

4. Jen Selter United States

4 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers Worldwide

Photo Credit by Jen Selter

Jen Selter comes from New York and has led an active lifestyle since she was young. She is a celebrated fitness model and an internet celebrity appearing in several magazines and TV shows. Jen is well-known for her curvy physique that has attracted the attention of thousands globally. Her fitness journey started when she was only 15 years old and over the years of persistent workout regime, she has an amazing figure today.

Her fame came quickly when she posted a picture one day of her progress and her picture went viral. She became recognized soon as her popularity skyrocketed with just one picture. Since then, there has been no turning back. Jen’s toned abs and glutes are what make her stand out from the rest of her counterparts. That was what gave her fame and soon, she started appearing in fitness magazines and TV shows.

Today, she is an inspiration for her followers and she keeps them hooked with new pictures and videos on a regular basis. Her amazing physique is the hard work of her own determination since she never had a personal trainer. She took cues from other trainers but did what worked best for her and eventually, she was able to create her own fitness routine.

Jen prioritizes breakfast when she eats eggs, oatmeal, and toast made from whole-grain. This ensures that her body gets the energy she needs for the rest of the day. She also fuels her body with fresh fruit juices. During the day, she consumes vegetables, chicken, and pasta. As for her cravings, she indulges in dark chocolate. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

5. Pamela Reif Germany

5 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers Worldwide

Photo Credit by Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif started her career as a fitness model and social media star at the tender age of 16. This German-born fitness inspiration started by posting her pictures on social media getting due attention from people worldwide. Her lifestyle choices at such a young age gave her the fame she has today.

Her journey to the top of the fitness world was gradual but steady. Pamela has always been an active girl since her childhood taking part in dancing, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. As she grew older, she lost interest and decided to join a gym with a friend.

Pamela started with basic cardio but saw no progress since she already had an active lifestyle. She then tried something new – changing her training completely and started to lift weights. Her focus was on compound exercises with deadlifts and squats.

Her decision to lift weights was derived from a keen interest in what others were doing at the gym. Pamela also upped her game in the nutrition area and the combination of the two did wonders for her physique. She saw changes in her arms, legs, and glutes with her abdominal area becoming more ripped.

Starting as a hobby, fitness turned into a career for Pamela. One day she decided to share images of her amazingly fit body online. Soon, she got the attention of hundreds from around the world, which then turned to thousands. Her nutrition did not change much when it comes to the amount of food she consumed. Instead, she chose healthier and more calorie-dense meals. She believes in eating everything and eating more.

6. Katya Elise Henry United States

Photo Credit by Katya Elise Henry

The success story of Katya comes from years of hard work that has inspired her followers to do the same. She believes in self-motivation and rightly so, as her success speaks volumes. Today, this American fitness model is also a personal trainer and a celebrated social media sensation.

Her teenage years were spent as a cheerleader but her poor eating habits did not get her the dream body she wanted. The cardiac nature of the sport prevented her from gaining muscle mass. However, she took the advice of her trainer-mom who helped her get the beach body Katya always dreamed about. Today, she has achieved her dream of getting the ideal physique and she is a fitness entrepreneur.

Katya found her true calling when she entered the world of fitness. Nutrition, weight lifting, supplements, and a proper training routine paved the way for her celebrated figure. Her diet has changed completely from what it was in her teenage years consisting mainly of junk food. Today, Katya’s meals are 97% clean which gives her the nutrition her body needs.

She avoids carbs when her focus is on losing weight and focuses on eating lots of proteins and healthy fats. Katya used to eat a lot of meat including pork, chicken, and beef but she now eats vegetarian food.

7. Amanda Lee Canada

7 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers Worldwide

Photo Credit by Amanda Lee

This Canadian fitness model is recognized for her well-rounded figure. Amanda is a fitness trainer and has built an impressive client base over the years. She is also an Instagram celebrity inspiring her followers to step into the world of fitness. When she worked in Los Angeles, California, the largest magazines in the world caught her attention. The attention is directed from her social media presence.

Today, Amanda is a common household name despite having a shy personality. Her journey in the fitness world was not an easy one. She now has her own brand, which attracts a larger fan base. Amanda’s fame came when she was named in “famous dancers” on Instagram. Her followers today are over three million and the number continues to grow.

This fame inspired her to become a Pilates teacher and a personal trainer. Her focus during her workout routine is on her lower body since she thinks that is what gave her fame. Amanda ensures that twice a week, she does exercises like lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, squats, and leg raises. Her days are divided into separate workouts, which are heavy days and light days. On heavy days, she works on her lower body, and on lighter days she does cardio and works on her upper body. 15 Best Instagram Fitness Influencers

8. Chloe Ting Australian

Photo Credit by Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is an Australian fitness model and travel and fashion blogger. She loves to inspire and has been quite successful in both her roles. Like her counterparts, Cloe aims to provide motivation for her followers to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Her workout routine is a tough one, which helps her in maintaining a terrific physique. Her diet is also a balanced one whereby she focuses on foods that are rich in nutrients. On days when she is traveling, her diet does not waver; however, her workout gets affected.

Cloe’s busy life often makes it difficult for her to continue her workout regime. Her focus is on working out at least 3 times a week. Her work ethic is what ensures that fits her fitness regime into her tough schedules somehow.

At times when she is unable to fit in three weekly workout sessions, she turns her once-weekly session into an intense workout. Chloe is able to get the most out of them once a week in order to sculpt her muscles. She also does cardio for quick weight loss and focuses on stretching in order to increase resistance.

Her nutrition includes everything with a balanced and moderate amount of meals. While traveling she relies on supplements in order to meet her nutrient supply.

9. Yuliett Torres Mexico

Photo Credit by Yuliett Torres

Yuliett Torres is more famously known as the “Mexican Kardashian” due to her beautiful hourglass physique. She keeps her personal life private therefore, we know very little about her childhood. Currently, she has a huge fan base on Instagram with her audience largely from the Mexican region. Her followers also come from the US, Peru and Columbia.

Yuliett is currently in her late 20s and has many engagements, which keeps her schedule busy throughout the year. However, she finds time to work out in order to maintain her perfect figure. Her favorite exercises include jumping squats, pistol squats, back cross lunges and sumo squats. She focuses on other cardio exercises in order to stay fit.

She keeps her followers glued to her social media handles by posting short videos of her workouts. A popular opinion about her is that she is the perfect example of “modern beauty”. Her killer smile and super fit physique is the dream of every fitness enthusiast.

10. Bradley Martyn United States

Photo Credit by Bradley Martin

Bradley is an American fitness guru whose aim is to teach others how to stay fit and lean. He motivates his followers to do a great workout without feeling drained. Bradley is a social media star who has also competed in several physique competitions.

At the young age of 15, he started training at the gym, and over the years of hard work and persistence, he gained knowledge. Now, he confidently and proudly shares this knowledge with his followers, which are in thousands.

In January 2006, he started his own training programs that include the right mixture of nutrition and fitness routines. In 2014, he finally gained recognition in the fitness industry. Bradley got his fame when he started his fitness channel and showed the world what his day looks like. His videos got a lot of attention from everywhere and today is a celebrated fitness role model for many.

His accomplishments include him being an online training coach, a fitness model, and a social media star. Bradley took part in many competitions and won many titles. He came in first in the 2013 NPC Phil Health Classic, and second in the 2011 NPC USA Championships. Bradley encourages everyone to listen to his or her bodies instead of a piece of paper. He also follows an intermittent fasting diet where he eats large meals in an eight-hour window.

11. Ulisses Jr. United States

Photo Credit by Ulisses Jr.

Ulisses Jr. started his fitness journey when he was in high school through sports and competitive bodybuilding. As a teenager, he was skinny but is now recognized for his shredded eight packs. He is an inspiring fitness icon in the industry defying all odds of achieving a fantastic physique.

Throughout his career, he has won several bodybuilding competitions and it all started when his friends saw his impressive 8-pack. Through years of hard work and being a body composition coach, Ulisses was able to make it to the top of every competition. Although the first competition was not a big success, it did encourage him to take it all seriously. His ambition pushed him towards becoming a fitness model by promoting his passion for the industry.

Ulisses inspired many young adults by visiting their schools alongside The City Gym Boys for promotion. He was on his way to become the best in the industry. He focuses on eating eight meals of organic foods every day. His food is clean of any processed ingredients and he avoids fried food because he believes that “nature is nutrition”. However, he does take one cheat meal a week in order to satisfy his cravings.

12. Sergi Constance Spain

Photo Credit by Sergi Constance

In a very short period of time, Sergi has gained popularity as a fitness model around the world. He was born and raised in Spain but that did not limit his international exposure. His competitive nature and determination made him grow better and better. During his fitness journey, he gradually rose to the top of the fitness industry. Along the way, he also started his own company.

Sergi aims to show the world and his followers that he is not only good on stage but also at other things – like being an entrepreneur. He inspires everyone to chase his or her dreams and to never give up at any point. Sergi has a five-year degree in Sciences of Physical Education and Sports along with a successful career in Men’s Physique competitions. Sergi has his own clothing line and training apparel.

Other than that, he is the champion of “Muscle and Fitness Cover model Search” at Mr. Olympia Weekend. He also the first position in Men’s Physique NPC Tampa Wings of Strength Championship along with other competitions he won in Spain. He also made it to the magazine covers of Iron Man, Solid Homme, Wire, and Muscle & Fitness.

His diet is consistent all year round where he consumes healthy fats, clean carbs, and lean meats. Sergi often takes supplements like BCCA’s, Multivitamins, Nitric Oxide, Glutamine, Casein Protein, and Whey Protein Isolate.

13. Jeff Seid United States

Photo Credit by Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid was one of those high school American football players who believe that nothing can go wrong. He had his entire life laid out in front of him since he was the All-American wrestling champion. One unfortunate day things changed completely. He faced an injury during a football game, which took a toll on his confidence, but soon he overcame all challenges and became the youngest IFBB Pro.

Jeff’s belief in his own capabilities brought him out of his darkest moments and it kept him moving forward. His efforts continued and as he pushed himself forward each time. His fitness journey started at the age of 12 years when he asked for weights for his birthday. That was the start and he has not stopped to date.

Jeff soon started training for competitions and kept working hard for his IFBB Pro Card even though he faced an injury. He rose to fame when he became America’s youngest professional competitive bodybuilder. This happened for the first time in history! His workout includes HITT cardio in order to lose weight and prefers the bike.

As for his bodybuilding exercises, he uses supersets that include a lot of volumes. This gives volume to his muscles but this kind of exercise is slow yet steady. Jeff’s diet is full of lean proteins, carbs, and healthy fats.

14. Andrei Deiu’ Romanian

Photo Credit by Andrei Deiu’

Andrei is a London fitness model who has been in the industry since the age of 17. His life, however, has not always been about fitness and bodybuilding like his counterparts. He participated in the Miami Pro in 2014 while still very young.

During his early years, he consumed junk food and had a very inactive lifestyle with days spent in front of the TV. He gained weight because of playing video games all day and eventually he was bullied which only took away his confidence.

The Andrei we see today is an entirely different person who is active, healthy, and recognized in the fitness world. He is the best fitness model in the UK and continues to train every day to ensure his great physique.

He is the 2011 Miami Pro Winner when he was 17 years old. Jeff has created a high demand for himself as a model and can be seen in several advertisements. His story is a true inspiration for everyone who aspires to become better in the future.

Although Jeff gives credit to his genetics for his ripped physique, he does rely on a clean diet. He sticks to certain food groups like complex carbs, clean protein, and healthy fats.

15.Sascha Barboza Venezuela

Photo Credit by Sascha Barboza

Sascha is well known for her Sascha Fitness worldwide. She is a certified personal trainer by the ISSA and educated in the field of sports nutrition. She has a Spanish Federation of Bodybuilding and has a Masters in Nutrition Fitness. Having the mind of an entrepreneur, she combined her passion for fitness and her business mind she started her business.

Today, she is a celebrated fitness guru in Venezuela. Her popularity reached new levels when she started to document her pregnancy fitness journey. Sascha’s post-pregnancy fitness videos went viral and that is when she decided to take things to the next level.

She is the proud winners of the “More Feminine without a lot of Muscle Volume” and “Bikini” awards in 2013. Sascha continues to motivate and inspire people from all over the world to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle that is beyond fashion. Her motivation has paved the way for many success stories where people achieved their ideal weight goals.

Sascha’s Fitness is an all-around program that will take you on the journey to a healthier lifestyle. She believes in making smaller but smarter choices every day. Baby steps are how one should start his or her fitness journey and eventually, these small steps show big results.

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