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Is it healthy for a girl to gain muscle?

It is an inspiring sight to see women at the gym lifting weights and crush their intense workouts. More women today are interested in following a fitness routine that builds and tones muscles. Usually, women are afraid of looking bulky when it comes to bodybuilding, but that is not the case. Following strategic training and a good diet plan can get you your desired results.

Building muscles has numerous benefits for women. Firstly, your metabolism rate will increase which will allow your body to burn fats quickly. Secondly, strength training is similar to weight training where your bone density loss reduces. This has been proven through various studies resulting in a lower risk of osteoporosis.

An unknown fact is that strong muscles lead to strong bones. Gaining muscle will help you strengthen your bone density, which is gradually lost as you age. Exercises that activate bone-forming cells happens during strength training that also builds muscles. Other cardio exercises like running also help in strengthening bones and build muscles.

Working out at the gym also boosts your confidence and overall sense of well-being. Synchronizing your menstrual cycle to your workout routine is a good way to start building your muscles. Studies have shown that higher levels of estrogen result in the production of protein in your body. This helps in building muscles.

Muscle training exercises in particular target muscles on the thigh, back, and hips. This, in turn, makes your spine, hip, and wrists bones stronger and these are the highest risk sights for fracture. Staying active is another advantage that comes from following a fitness regime. You will experience new levels of energy that keeps your mind more alert and your moods elevated. 

Can skinny girls gain muscles faster than plump girls can?

Whether you are skinny or plump or voluptuous, gaining muscle is for everyone. However, the training routine and the diet plan will differ for everyone. This is because everyone’s target physique will be different so will the bodybuilding plans. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

Girls, who are skinny, will be required to eat more fats in order to gain weight. The focus will be on a more fulfilling diet followed by a training routine that will start slow and eventually increase. Protein supplements like whey protein and shakes will also help in losing the skinny state. The weight you gain from a heavy diet will not result in looking plump but muscular. 

Girls, who are plump and voluptuous, will have a training plan that focuses on sculpting the muscles. The focus will be to target areas that constitute more fats. The diet will also differ where you will intake a low-carb and high protein diet. This will keep your energy levels elevated while helping you lose weight. Your target should be to maintain a low body fat overall and the fitness routine may include lots of cardio.

The time it takes for both body types to gain muscle mass will depend on each individual. Since everyone is different, so are his or her bodies. Do not compare your progress to someone else’s. Your body may be responding differently to different types of food and exercises. However, progress will be there.

Overall, it is believed that plump women have a quicker rate of transforming their fats into pure muscles. Skinny girls’ first need to gain muscle mass and then build them. They also need to focus on cardio exercises in order to strengthen their core muscles. Remember that staying motivated is the key. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

Can girls gain muscles without bulking up?

Being a woman, you do not need to worry about bulking up even if you follow a workout routine similar to men. Both men and women experience different levels of muscle growth. Since the testosterone levels in women are 20% lower than men, the bulking up is different.

Women bodybuilders we see online competing worldwide go through a strenuous workout regime that includes supplements. The intake of steroids increases their levels of testosterone in order to gain more muscles. This happens because this particular hormone helps in building muscles in the body. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

However, women can tone their muscles, which means losing the excess fats and exposing their muscles underneath them. The shape of everyone’s muscles is genetic and you make your own muscles look like someone else’s. If you decide to lift heavier weights, you are on your way to make your muscles look firm, tight, and lose unwanted body fats. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

Having the right diet is what gives you the muscle mass you need. Foods that help increase your muscle mass should be on your diet plan. A high protein diet with low carbs will help your body initially to lose fat and gain muscle mass. Eventually, your diet will customize according to your bodybuilding journey. Once you gain the muscles and continue with your weight lifting routine, your diet will include higher levels of carbs.

A high volume of carbohydrates in the diet helps in giving you the energy required for intense workouts. If you ever decide to get into a bodybuilding competition, your fitness trainer will ask you to change your diet completely. As you will see how the following 15 women changed their life and reached their ideal physique with diets and workouts. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

We at fitr365 are impressed by the transformation of the following individuals. They are a true inspiration for us and can be a guide for you so that one day, you might make it to the list of influencer girls with muscles.

Best Influencer Girls with Muscles

15. Juliana Martin  15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscles

Photo Credit by Juliana Martin

Juliana Martin comes from Brazil whose figure has inspired thousands of people around the world. Every step of her fitness routine is now followed religiously on social media. Like every fitness idol, her success is the result of small victories achieved one by one. Her pictures on social media inspire her followers every day to take on a successful fitness journey like her. 

She is a Fitness Model and a Digital Influencer by profession. Her weekly training routine constitutes a healthy workout with ample rest between sessions. She believes in listening to her body and not pushing herself beyond limits. However, she consistently pushes herself little by little like adding an additional rep. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

Thanks to her strict diet, she does not spend more time on the cardio machine. On the other hand, she does focus on cardio exercises when she needs to lose fat faster for a photoshoot. If she has any holiday weight on her, she adds a few cardio sessions to her workout routine.

As for her diet, she eats what she likes without depriving her taste buds of delicious food. However, her focus is on wholesome and unprocessed foods. This helps her in keeping her calories in check. Choosing to add natural sugar instead of processed is one example of making healthier food choices. She has and still is inspiring thousands of women across the world to stay fit. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

14. Rachel Dillon

15 Best Girl Influencers with Muscles 14

Photo Credit by Rachel Dillon

This WBFF Model and entrepreneur is helping thousands of women around the globe to transform their lives through fitness. Rachel Dillon’s story is very inspiring as the transformation is years of hard work and the results are astounding. She started with regular cardio exercises but did not get the desired results. Upon discovering weight training and its wonders, she decided it was the way to go. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

She is now a celebrated online coach, WBFF Bikini World Champion, and a fitness model. She started with excessive cardio but to no avail. Staying in shape was her ultimate goal but modifying her fitness regime and diet produced the desired results. Her journey in the early years in the modeling industry made her insecure about her body image.  

Rachel finally gained her confidence when she returned to the gym and started working on transforming her figure. A customized combination of HIIT to sculpt and strength training made her what she is today. This soon led to her helping other women adopt a healthy fitness routine. The right diet and understanding what works best for everyone are important. Rachel focuses on teaching this today through her position as a fitness influencer.

As for her nutrition, she has discovered that having a balanced diet is the key to sustain a lean physique. She does indulge every now and then in eating foods that are considered less healthy. It does not harm, as long as you continue to exercise and workout.

13. Natasha Aughey

Photo Credit by Natasha Aughey

Natasha is a social media sensation hailing from Canada. The fitness icon started her journey when she was in high school and nothing could stop her. With a careful distribution of cardio and gym, in 2016 she achieved a unique and powerful figure, which attracted much attention. At the mere age of 23 years, she became a celebrated fitness icon. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

Her achievements include being the 2013 OPA Ottawa Championship. She started playing soccer as a child so has always led a healthy lifestyle. When she started her journey at the gym, her focus was on cardio and although she lost weight, she was not satisfied. After seeking the advice of athletes at her gym, she began her weight lifting journey.

An effective training routine compiled with a diet plan led to her now toned and sculpted figure. Her powerful physique was not easy, but powerful genetics helped. As for her nutrition, she is not a fan of following a diet plan. Her mantra is simple, enjoy every food but it must be cooked in clean and nutrient-dense ingredients.

Her favorite meals include chicken, green vegetables, and rice. Natasha has proven through her own experience that an ideal physique can be achieved while eating your favorite foods. She usually cooks healthier versions of cheat meals in order to stay in shape all year round.

12. Julia Woodford

15 Best Girl Influencers with Muscle 12

Photo Credit by Julia Woodford

Julia is a gym owner, sponsored athlete, personal trainer, and competitor. Her journey started when she was 8 years ago and began gymnastics. Soon after she left school, she started her bodybuilding and fitness journey. This WBFF Bikini Pro Australian athlete became a fitness sensation that attracted the attention of the world.

Her accomplishments include being a fitness entrepreneur, model, coach, brand ambassador, CrossFit athlete, and WBFF Bikini Pro – Proshow Debut in October 2020. Even after her school ended, her passion for fitness did not waver. This led her to pursue her career and work as a children’s gymnastics coach. Later, she decided to become a full-time bikini athlete and competitor.

Once she got involved in taking part in competitions, the challenges became evident. Extensive traveling and spending time on the planes was not easy while following a diet and a fitness routine. However, Julia made it work. Her achievements include being a CrossFit competitor between 2014 and 2016. Here, she made some great personal records like a one-rep max 120kg squat. Additionally, she has also done a 130kg deadlift.

Her belief for proper nutrition is listening to her body. She does not believe in a strict diet because when people follow one, they tend to fall back soon. Clean and nutrition fueled diet and what makes Julia who she is today.

11. Rahki Giovanni

15 Best Girl Influencers with Muscle 11

Photo Credit by Rakhi Giovanni

Rakhi Giovanni gained popularity with her muscular body, especially her legs. Her physique is like something you have never seen before. She is a common name in the fitness industry and rightly so, her hard work speaks volumes with her physique.

Rakhi comes from a Puerto Rican-Haiitain family and resides in Miami Florida. She has an outspoken personality with a high-energy approach to life. Everything about her shows in her super-fit muscular figure. Her workouts are not ordinary, but consist of an intense routine.

She continues to inspire and received praise for all the hard work she puts in her gym workout routines. People support her videos on her social media handles across the world and only wish her well. Rakhi has been working hard and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. She has an impressive ethic and a positive attitude on how to live your life.

Rakhi’s intense workout revolves around box jumps, sprints, and leg extensions. Her workouts are the perfect example of HIIT based and explosive workouts that inspire men and women alike. Hypertrophy is also something she prioritizes where she goes for higher reps using lighter weights. This helps in muscle growth and size.

Her secret is persistence. She believes in continuously pushing her body towards achieving the dream physique. She listens to her body and gets ample rest after a hard day at the gym.

10. Bakhar Nabieva

Photo Credit by Bakhar Nabieva

Bakhar is from Baku, Azerbaijan, and known as “Miss Iron Bum”. Her fame comes from her incredible legs, which took years of dedication and hard work. Bakhar has been following a workout routine with a diet that consists of wholesome meals and nutrition.

As a child, she was often bullied for being too skinny. However, her beautiful physique now has inspired thousands of people around the world. Her transformation is a true testament to dedication and persistence. Like every other amateur, she was unsure about how to do exercises and which helped in building muscles. Bakhar is now a powerhouse of weightlifting and inspires women everywhere.

Her achievements include being a Bikini Competitor in 2010 and continues to take part in others. Being famous for her legs today, she was a victim of bullying when she was in school. She started her journey to build powerful and well-sculpted legs by hitting the gym hard. Initially, she had no idea what to do, but soon she learned how to build her leg muscles through self-learning.

Her dedication showed promising results one day when she saw developed muscles in the mirror one morning. That is when she decided there was no going back! As for her nutrition, she does not like dieting but fuels her workouts with foods she loves to indulge herself in.

9. Demi Bagby

15 Best Girl Influencers with Muscle 09

Photo Credit by Demi Bagby

Demi Bagby proved the world wrong and took her fate into her own hands. After a heartbreaking accident that could have left her in an armchair for the rest of her life, she soared to fame. She is a CrossFit athlete from San Diego with thousands of fans on social media.

Demi’s strength of character paved the way to her success and we can all learn a thing or two from her. Her faith in self-belief against all odds is what sets her apart. Her accomplishments include being a professional bodybuilder, a CrossFit athlete, and a social media celebrity.

During a cheerleading accident in her high school, Demi broke her back and was paralyzed for three months. The doctors were of the view that she might not walk again but with sheer dedication and faith, she recovered. During her downtime, she took a fascination with CrossFit and decided to pursue it as a career.

Soon after her recovery, she started CrossFit and then went on to weight lifting to get her dream physique. Demi faced many challenges in the initial days but being the fighter she is – she overcame them one-by-one. She was able to rank 23rd in the world for CrossFit athlete in 2016. Her nutrition plan is simple and clean that consists mostly of lean protein, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, and complex carbohydrates.

8. Vivi Viviane Winkler

Photo Credit by Vivi Viviane Winkler

Viviane is a famous fitness model hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil who has inspired many women around the world. Her fitness journey started with being over-weight and eventually entering the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Her popularity rose back in 2016 when she decided to immerse herself in what her country offered best – bodybuilding. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

She loves to run at the vast beaches in Brazil and continues to inspire many followers through her social media. Her achievements include being a sponsored athlete, a fitness model, and a social media celebrity. Viviane also took the Second Place in the WBRF RJ, which is the Carioca bodybuilding championships.

Her focus is on building a well-toned and strong body instead of a big bulky look. Viviane’s workout routine includes using an extensor chair for her lower body and dumbbell sets for upper extremities. You can find her workout videos on her Instagram handle where she continuously shares and inspires her followers.

She does not leave cardio out and likes to run outdoors given the all-year-round warm climate of Brazil. Her diet plans are strict with a focus on healthy carbs, good fats, and proteins. Luckily, her home cuisines offer a variety of meals that serve her healthy food choices. Additionally, she keeps her supplements close that helps her stay in shape and energetic at all times.

7. Nay Jones

Photo Credit by Nay Jones

The story of Nay Jones is a unique one that inspires women around the world. She is the mother of one beautiful girl who looks up to her with inspiration. Her daughter is her biggest motivation that drives Nay to achieve more in life. She is a personal trainer and a role model for many across the globe.

Her fitness journey began when she a bad breakup in 2015. Nay had been neglecting her own health and wellbeing in raising a child making a living. She is a single mother so juggling work and raising a daughter alone was tough.

However, she decided one day to focus on her health and join the gym. Only after a year of hard work, she became more than just a single mother. Today, she is the proud winner of the 2016 Pro IFBB competition which was held in Miami, Florida.

Nay Jones says that women tend to be caught up being mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and employees. This results in them neglecting their health and wellbeing. It is not selfish to take time out every day for themselves. She follows the same mantra and continues to do it today.

A friend suggested that she competes in a bikini or figure since her body started to transform quickly. Soon, she was in the Nationals and won after a year of training hard. Nay jones focuses on a high-carbohydrate diet that gets her through her intense workout routines.

6. Brooke Holladay Ence

15 Best Girl Influencers with Muscle 06

Photo Credit by Brooke Holladay Ence

Brooke is a fitness model, a trainer, and a CrossFit athlete from California. She started her fitness journey as a professional dancer when she was young. In 2015, she tasted fame for the first time by climbing her way up the competition ladder in the CrossFit Games. She took the spotlight by finishing first in Snatch Speed Ladder and Clean and Jerk. Her overall rank was 14th in the competition.

Ever since then, Brooke has been competing every year all the while improving her rank. In 2016, she finished third in the CrossFit California Regionals. She now works as a personal trainer in The Golden State gyms and is a fitness model for her own apparel company.

Her accomplishments also include her own personal records, which look something like this:

  • A 320 lbs. back squat
  • A 253 lbs. Clean & Jerk
  • A 365 lbs. Deadlift
  • A 207 lbs. Snatch
  • Fran in 2:07
  • Filthy 50 in 24:38
  • A Sprint of 400m in 1:11
  • A Run of 5k in 24:00

Her workout routine is not something everyone can do. According to her goals and training programs, she usually trains for 3-6 hours every day. She also prioritizes rest days after such strenuous exercises. A couple of days during the week are spent for rest that includes napping outdoors in the sun.

As for her diet, she does not follow a paleo diet like her counterparts. Brooke follows a low carb, high protein, and moderate fats diet. She also prefers having grains, which are not gluten-free. It gives her more energy during a workout session.

5. Cass Martin

Photo Credit by Cass Martin

Cassandra Martin is a fitness model who has won the hearts of many with her fitness journey on social media. She trains with her partner who is her personal trainer as well. This social media star is also a construction worker, which is a unique combination for a woman. This is perhaps what makes her stand out.

Following in the footsteps of Jamie Eason, she decided to build and sculpt her own body. Since her boyfriend was already a fitness trainer, stepping into the fitness world was not hard for her. At the age of 23, she set her mind to it and began her bodybuilding journey.

More inspiration from other fitness legends, she decided to lift heavier weight to reach her dream physique. Persistence kept her working hard towards building a great physique and in 2016 she built her Instagram profile. It was not long after that she was recognized for her great aesthetics. She has been inspiring thousands of women around the world on how to build muscles while staying feminine.

Cass urges her followers to leads an active and healthy lifestyle. As for her nutrition, she aims at having six meals per day in order to stay active and keep her metabolism high. Her food is clean with a minimum amount of carbs. On days when she follows a lean bulking diet, she does consumes a higher amount of carbs, green vegetables, and red meat. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

4. Pricilla Aqilla

15 Best Girl Influencers with Muscle 04

Photo Credit by Pricilla Aqilla

Pricilla is a Brazilian Fitness Model and an Entrepreneur well known for her amazing physique. However, the body she proudly flaunts today was not easy to get. She was often mocked in high school for having a big lower body. This battered her self-confidence but she was determined to set a good example for her little sister. This was motivation enough for her to join a gym. 15 Best Influencer Girls with Muscle

After years of hard work and determination, she has achieved a lot more than she has planned in the beginning. She recalls having poor eating habits that led to being bulky and having a bigger lower body. Pricilla still remembers how she was catcalled in the school halls leaving her heartbroken.

She overcame all the negativity by building a physique that inspires many around the world. Today, she is a celebrated fitness model, a bikini competitor who won first place in NPC Worldwide in 2019. Her interest in fitness started when she played volleyball in high school. It gave her the confidence she needed to become fit and healthy.

Since she had bigger lower extremities, she decided to shape and sculpt them instead of shrinking them altogether. Her exercises mainly constituted of squats and other related exercises. This helped her in losing fats and get defined glutes and quads instead. She never misses out on cardio in order to maintain her low body fats. Her diet is carefully planned where she eats more carbs in the mornings and proteins later in the day. 

3. Candice Carter

15 Best Girl Influencers with Muscle 03

Photo Credit by Candice Carter

Candice is one of the greatest figure competitors in history hailing her success from America. She has a long list of achievements that includes 12 Pro victories and 4-time Arnold Classic champion. She started her fitness journey at the tender age of 11 years and that is when the magic happened. Her love for weightlifting started and she has not stopped.

Candice got her Pro status in 2011 and since then has inspired thousands around the world. Starting young as a cheerleader, she made her way to becoming a competitor in bodybuilding. This transition was not easy, but she quickly had everything under her belt. She is the proud winner of the silver medal at the 2018 Ms. Figure Olympia along with 12 other Pro victories.

Her videos show how she varies her exercises and reaps the benefits of having a variety of exercises. It keeps her healthy and develops her physique according to her requirements. Her diet includes a variety of foods that range from proteins, fiber, fatty acids, and good fats. She ensures that her weekly diet includes fish and complex carbs that give her the energy required for an intense workout. She also indulges in cheat meals especially after following a strict diet for a show.

2. Azaria Glaim

15 Best Girl Influencers with Muscle 02

Photo Credit by Azaria Glaim

This fitness model comes from Canada who has become the youngest IFBB Pro competitor in the world. She won the 2014 Canadian Nationals and her fitness journey is still a long way to go. Azaria joined the fitness industry only to stay healthy and in shape. Soon after she began training, her body started speaking volumes and people told her that she must compete.

Her achievements include winning the Provincials in 2014 followed by earning her Pro Card in the Canadian Nationals the same year. In 2015, she came third in the Toronto Pro Supershow in the IFBB Figure Class and fifth place in Vancouver Pro the same year.

In 2016, she saw bigger achievements like the Governor’s Cup in the IFBB Figure Category, Miami Muscle Beach Pro, and coming second in the Vancouver Pro. She also took sixth place in the Rising Phoenix Arizona Pro in the IFBB Figure Class. She continued making the top ten in other competitions that happened later in the years.

Azaria follows a similar diet all year round and does not stray away regardless of whether she is competing or not. This ensures an easier path towards victory when she does compete. However, she consumes a higher number of calories when she needs to build muscles and reshape her figure.

1. Melissa Bumstead 

15 Best Girl Influencers with Muscle 1

Photo Credit by Melissa Bumstead

Melissa is a digital influencer from Canada who is an IFBB Figure Pro athlete and her story is truly an inspiring one. She treats every competition like her first one, which makes her a winner every time. This attitude towards what she loves doing is what makes her number one on our list. Her fitness journey inspires fans around when they see her photos and videos on social media.

Melissa was never interested in fitness until she met her partner who was a bodybuilder. She stepped into the world of fitness in 2012 and since then she has won many competitions. Her accomplishments include her being a brand ambassador and an IFBB Figure Pro. Soon she started competing and in 2015, she won her Pro Card when she won the CBBF Figure.

In 2016, she came in fifth at the IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow and fourth in the Vancouver Pro. She also came in fourth in the Dayan Cadeau Classic. In 2017, she took sixteenth place in Mr. Olympia in the IFBB Figure Class. In 2018, she won several competitions including the Toronto Pro Supershow (2nd place) and Europa Orlando (4th place).

Melissa believes that a good diet reflects on the body so she ensures a good healthy diet all year long. On days when she is not competing, she will indulge herself in a filling dinner every now and then. She enjoys foods that she loves but ensures that nothing is processed.

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